As long as I can remember I've always been intrigued by art in one way or another. I guess it started with dancing and singing in the bedroom to 80´s pop, R&B and Hip Hop. My curiosity led me to take dance lessons. I fell in love with dancing hip hop in 2007. Trained every day, for several years, at different dance schools and with the dance crew I was part of.

The journey went on and I started studying theatre. The community around Nordic Black Theatre inspired me to start doing music. Today, I find myself working fluidly between being an actor, dancer, singer and songwriter.

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 Right now, I'm working on developing as a music producer. It's something I've wanted to explore and I'm having fun learning more about it. It's a lot of african energy in what I create, that's what comes most naturally to me, but I also love playing around with other genres I love listening to like, R&B, Soul, Funk and sometimes even Reggae.

These last years, I've been on multiple TV series such as "Stjernekamp" (Star Battle, directly translated) and "Secret Duets". I've also worked on musical plays, such as "West Side Story" and "Sister Act", performed at Chateau Neuf and Kilden Performing Arts Center. Last year I played over 60 theatre performances at different schools, raising awareness about rasicm within the school system with the play "Paralell Realities". In the beginning of this year I was part of a performance at the Norwegian Opera and Ballet, "Hope Road 56 Revisited".

Moving ahead, I want to dance more, I want to be on stage with my own music again and I'm looking forward to making that happen.

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I want to be a part of creating spaces where growth, love and positive mindsets flow. So I started this shop as one of my projects within that mission. Feel free to support my journey. I hope you find something that you like and feel free to share the shop with a friend. You're highly appreciated.


"It's about serving a higher purpose,

what we give and who we inspire"


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